Basketball outfit

It is not
easy to find shops specializing in the sale of authentic basketball jerseys,
except in the big cities. Fortunately, the web is there! Here is an overview of
the sites offering second-hand jerseys.

By buying
second-hand , you are helping to reinforce the concept of the circular economy,
which Wiki-who-knows-all explains very well: “the circular economy aims to
go beyond the linear economic model consisting of extracting, manufacturing,
consuming and throwing away by calling for a sober and responsible consumption
of natural resources and primary raw materials and, in order of priority, the
prevention of waste production”.

basketball jersey

After the
ball, it is probably the most symbolic object in basketball.

The famous
basketball jersey is therefore a tank top (or jersey for the most
English-speaking among you). Because unless you want to dribble and nothing
else, you spend quite a lot of time with your arms up in the air on the
basketball courts: when shooting in attack, on rebounds and counter- rebounds
in defense… and to signal to the score table that you’ve just seen yourself
whistle a foul. Yes, if you plan to wet the jersey, it also means that there
are no easy baskets for your opponent.

For its
composition, the basketball jersey uses light and breathable fabrics: once in
action, comfort and freedom of movement quickly become more important than the
vintage look.

As far as
comfort is concerned, basketball still requires you to jump and change
direction during your game-long jumps. Basketball jerseys therefore tend to
have a rather loose fit, especially around the waist and armhole.

What about
style? After all, we don’t go back to the playgrounds and get you banged up
before the first crossovers. Traditionally, basketball jerseys have rounded or
V-necks for purely aesthetic reasons.

And if
certain colours or historical styles may make your heart vibrate (Silver and
black? Purple and gold? Irish green?) fashion is also evolving and offers more
and more short-sleeved jerseys, in a tighter fit and a fluid fabric. A bit like
handball or volleyball jerseys.

and hoodie

Now that
you’ve found your jersey, you may be thinking you haven’t figured it out yet.

If you
don’t live in a place that allows you to be in a tank top all year round, a
simple sleeveless jersey may seem light. So to stay warm when you come back
from training, or if for you there are no seasons to enjoy the playgrounds, we
offer you the hoodie (the famous hoodie for the English speakers who always
follow), also very rooted in the basketball culture. We’ll explain why.

As far as
the size is concerned, its ample cut allows you to play and move around without
constraint. And its material offers a good balance of warmth and lightness,
allowing you to stay warm during warm-ups, after the game and during bench time
during the game.

What about
the famous hoodie?

n addition
to being classy – and that’s already a good point – it allows you to keep your
concentration and stay in your bubble when you return to the bench after a 4
out of 4 to 3 points or your third foul in the second quarter – your choice.